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The Nsanje Agricultural Project - Malawi, Southeast Africa

Rice Planting Rice Planting

Life is incredibly difficult for a large segment of the population of the African nation of Malawi. Considered among the world’s least developed nations, poverty-stricken Malawi is a place in which:

  • Every five seconds a child dies from hunger-related causes.
  • Long periods of drought and frequent natural disasters are the order of the day.
  • HIV/AIDS is the leading cause of death among adults.
  • Over one million children have been orphaned.

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The Siloam Worship Centre Construction Project - Suryapet, India

Pastor Silvi Kothapally Pastor Silvi Kothapally

The Trinidad Christian Center, of which Dr. de Bourg is founder, sponsored the construction of this new, multi-level, multi-faceted and modern Siloam Worship Centre.

The church sanctuary seats 2500, and is outfitted with 36 functional toilets; a home for the Pastor’s family; and a residence for orphans on the third level.

It is a beacon in the city of Suryapet, India.

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