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“What drives me is a desire to see people discover, develop and fulfill their God-given potential.” Rev. Dr. Austin J. de Bourg
Founder: Dr. Austin J. de Bourg

A man motivated by the love of God, with a desire to see people realize their God-given potential. This is Austin J. de Bourg, Founder of the ADB Foundation for Human Advancement.

Rev. Dr. de Bourg is an accomplished Minister of Jesus Christ and Christian Author, who has written several books, including Misplaced Righteousness, Insights into the Mystery of the Trinity, What Really is Christianity and Working the Harvest.

He has been conferred with three Honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees as well as one Honorary Doctor of Pastoral Counselling degree, and he holds the designation Christian Certified Chaplain (C.C.C.) for USA/Canada/Mexico. Rev. Dr. de Bourg is also the founder of Apostolic Renewal Ministries (ARM), aimed at rekindling the apostolic spirit of Christ’s Christianity in the Church of Jesus Christ.

Throughout his more than 35 years of effective Christian ministry, he has personally invested in the lives of many. Subsisting without salaried income, he has done this by means of financial gifts which he has received; by digging into his own pocket and giving to others, with a view to developing the potential he sees in the people around him.

He has established humanitarian projects, with special emphasis on the rural areas of impoverished countries where food is scarce. His work has been not merely to feed the hungry and the poor as a temporary measure, but to improve their lives, holistically, and in the long-term.

Rev. Dr. Austin J. de Bourg is considered a father to many. Thousands have been impacted by his general benevolence: his love, care, and compassion for the less privileged. He continues to influence lives and bring change wherever he goes.

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