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Our Story

The story of the Foundation surrounds part of the call of God on the life of Austin J. de Bourg to see people fulfill their God-given potential.

He understands his call to be a holistic one, involving every aspect of human life, because he believes that, in order to be successful, one must cater to the whole person and achieve the right balance between spirit, soul and body. Neglect of any area results in imbalance, stunted growth and the unrealised fulfilment of purpose and potential.

Over the past three and a half decades, Rev. Dr. Austin J. de Bourg has invested in people in the Caribbean region, parts of Africa, India, Austria, and North America. The longstanding success of his contributions to the lives of many underscores the value of the godly element in lasting personal transformation and human advancement.

The ADB Foundation for Human Advancement continues and expands this important and much-needed work which he has spearheaded for more than 30 years.


Selected Highlights


  • Austin de Bourg founds the Trinidad Christian Center in order to develop the spiritual potential of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • In doing so, de Bourg pioneers the full-gospel, independent church movement in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Through this movement, many persons’ lives are transformed spiritually, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Countless healings and miracles.
  • Lives revolutionized.



  • The Trinidad Christian Center Children’s Home is founded: a non-profit residential facility for orphaned, abandoned, abused and neglected children between the ages of four and eighteen.
  • An accompanying school is established to cater specially to the children’s educational needs, within the context of their social challenges.
  • The Children’s Home addresses the social development of the children and steers them towards responsible thinking and living, equipping them to fit into the world when they come of age.



  • Assist International, a charitable organization geared at alleviating poverty in some of the poorest countries, is founded.
  • Humanitarian projects are implemented in Africa, India, Haiti and Grenada.
  • Assist International (Malawi) is founded to meet the physical needs of communities in the Nsanje district of the nation of Malawi, located in Southeast Africa.
  • A sustainable agricultural project is launched on seventy-five acres of land for the cultivation of rice, corn (maize) and beans, to benefit the people of that region.



  • An irrigation plant is established to aid in food production for the Nsanje Agricultural Project in Malawi.
  • Annual harvest now feeds the inhabitants of five villages, on an ongoing basis, including a large number of orphans and their guardians.


A world where anyone, anywhere can fulfill their God-given potential.


To provide opportunities worldwide for human advancement through the meeting of basic human needs, the elimination of poverty and human suffering, and greater access to education, training and employment.


We believe that human advancement must take into account the needs of the whole person: spiritual, social, mental and physical.

ADFHA: Helping people discover & develop their potential