ADB Foundation for Human Advancement Helping people discover & develop their potential

Our Work

The broad scope of the work we engage in at the ADB Foundation for Human Advancement facilitates the fulfilment of our multifaceted mission:

“To provide opportunities worldwide for human advancement through the meeting of basic human needs, the elimination of poverty & human suffering, and greater access to education, training & employment.”


Currently, the categories of assistance we provide are in the form of:

  • Scholarship grants
  • Career exploration via on-the-job training
  • Start-up of sustainable projects that generate employment and meet needs such as food and housing (provision of building material and labour)
  • Loan of capital to start new businesses
  • Help to seek medical attention

The Foundation has the following additional objectives:

  • To provide homes and other facilities for the aged
  • To establish and maintain kindergarten, primary, secondary, training, vocational and rehabilitation schools for socially challenged children, youths and adults
  • To offer training and human development through seminars, workshops, and conferences; and to publish (printed) literature in support of such training and human development
ADFHA: Helping people discover & develop their potential