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Sharon Ramcharan


Sharon Ramcharan Testimony
“All I wanted was a safe and peaceful environment for me and my children…and to be loved.”

Years of crushing and unrelenting family and spousal abuse led Sharon into deep depression, spiritual oppression and robbed her of her health, safety and hope of ever surviving. It is only by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ that she managed to survive and take care of her three children. Had the Lord not directed her to someone who was able to bring deliverance, care, God’s love, and spiritual, mental, emotional and physical support, she would not be alive today and would never have experienced freedom, peace and comfort.

It is a miracle that I am alive today. If anyone had told me, during those early years of my entrapment, that today I would not only be alive but also be sound in mind and have self-worth, I would never have believed them. The fact that I am alive is a miracle and a testimony that God is alive and can do all things.

When I got married, I found myself constantly under the most extreme spiritual attack imaginable. I was oppressed and was tormented physically, mentally and emotionally, in ways that no one would be able to understand even if I relate it to them. One would have to experience what I have experienced to believe that it could happen in a person’s life…and they survive to tell the tale. I often thought that I was going to die because I felt that death was stalking me day and night for seventeen years, non-stop.

My "husband" was not ambitious enough to provide for his family. He was verbally and physically abusive. There were times, when I was asleep, that he would block my nose to stop my breathing, causing me to awake in panic gasping for air. At other times, while I was sleeping, he would squeeze my head with both his hands as if he wanted to crush it. Once he slammed me against the wall and held me by my throat with a violent rage. Life was miserable and frightening. On two occasions I left home but had to return to the torture because I had nowhere to go and because of how difficult it was being alone with three children. Although I lived in constant fear, I decided that I would try to make it work. But nothing changed. The husband I speak of was not my choice but the choice of those over me, imposed upon me against my desire and will.

All I wanted was a peaceful and safe environment for me and my children so that they could have a normal life. I wanted to be loved and to share love with others and make a difference in their lives so that they would know that they are not alone in the unpleasant situations they experience. I just wanted to be seen as a person, as a friend, as a woman.

In the midst of my chronic ill-health, I was invited to Trinidad Christian Center. On my very first visit, I was supernaturally healed from asthma and a severe back problem that I had had for 14 years. The spiritual attacks at home intensified, however, and in my physically weak state, it was a great challenge to properly take care of my children. By this time, my 17-year marriage had now reached to a place where I could no longer endure it.

This is when Rev. Dr. de Bourg, who was the Pastor of the Trinidad Christian Center, began to address my needs on a one-on-one basis. The attacks were constant, but Pastor persevered in prayer, and, as he did so, I told him about my life and shared with him my desire to turn things around and make a fresh start with my children.

Thanks to the stability, security and comfort that we were provided with by Rev. Dr. de Bourg, our lives are now complete as a family. My three children are very stable, happy and focused on their futures. My first daughter, and eldest child, is a Dental Assistant and is pursuing Dentistry. My son currently has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Computing and will be doing his Master’s soon. And my younger daughter, my last child, is currently in secondary school.

I am now a full-time intercessor at Trinidad Christian Center, pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, God the Father and the Holy Spirit. I am completely free from depression, suppression and oppression. I can now stand on my own as a person. I am now following the path that My Lord meant for me.

Even these few words cannot express my gratitude to Pastor de Bourg for all that he has done for me and for my family. Without him, without his generosity of spirit, our story would not have been possible.

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