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Nigel Haynes Testimony

Nigel Haynes

From a very young age, living in poverty, the responsibility was thrust upon Nigel when his parents died to look after himself and his five younger siblings. His preoccupation with their survival and with meeting their basic needs resulted in his not being able to have any dreams or aspirations of his own…until someone helped him realize and develop a potential he never knew he had, and, in the process, create the opportunity for him to have a purposeful and happy life.

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Uma Kant Testimony

Uma Kant

Tens of thousands of dollars in debilitating debt resulted in this family being hounded by creditors, being abandoned by friends and loved ones, and becoming overwhelmed by depression. On the brink of committing suicide, relief finally came to them in the form of someone who helped them to not only get out of debt but to also create a sustainable future, allowing them to be financially, physically and emotionally secure, and to realise their dreams for a better life.

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Silvi Kothapally Testimony

Silvi Kothapally

The challenges of life for this young Christian minister were many. Poverty, religious opposition and the inherent struggles of life had so bound him that he saw no possible way out other than to rely upon His Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. His small church building was regularly visited by deadly cobras and scorpions during their services. His dreams of reaching and improving the lives of the people in his community were stagnated until, providentially, someone came along, invested in him, and assisted him in realizing his God-given call and potential.

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Theresa Ding Chong Testimony

Theresa Ding Chong

A lifetime of psychological trauma from being abandoned by both parents as a child left Theresa tormented and broken. The love and support of a stranger-turned-father-figure brought her restoration and gave her the opportunities she needed to envision and achieve a normal life for herself and her family.

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Sharon Ramcharan Testimony

Sharon Ramcharan

Years of crushing and unrelenting family and spousal abuse led Sharon into deep depression, spiritual oppression and robbed her of her health, safety and hope of ever surviving. It is only by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ that she managed to survive and take care of her three children. Had the Lord not directed her to someone who was able to bring deliverance, care, God’s love, and spiritual, mental, emotional and physical support, she would not be alive today and would never have experienced freedom, peace and comfort.

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